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About Us

We’re revolutionizing the production of sustainable food and nutrition

With our groundbreaking technology, we’re able to decouple growth from finite natural resources by using algae to convert clean energy into sustainable food. 

Image by Alex Talmon

The VAXA team

Our multidisciplinary team of seasoned technology and biology professionals are experts in managing global tech companies and large-scale commercial algae cultivation.


Together with our Advisory Board which comprises key leaders in aquaculture and sustainability, we are dedicated to growing best-in-class microalgae to improve food and nutrition around the world.

The Iceland Connection

With its unique geologic location, Iceland is well known as a global leader in generating clean geothermal energy.


Our technology platform is specially designed to leverage the clean, natural outputs of a geothermal plant in Iceland, allowing us to grow microalgae indoors, completely independent of the weather conditions outside.


We’re proud of our success in transforming Iceland into the perfect environment for growing microalgae, year-round. 

Image by Leo_Visions

Our Production Facility

Our unique concept and innovative technology uses the natural outputs of the geothermal power plant, including 100% green energy, cold and hot non-marine water, and carbon to power the production process, providing the light, water, and carbon needed for algae to grow.


Through our unique patented process, we are able to convert clean energy into sustainable products.   

Image by Robert Lukeman


We are committed to making a positive impact through our products and production process.
With a growing population facing a growing global food crisis, we recognize that one of the greatest challenges in food and nutrition today is the ability to decouple growth from finite natural resources.

Our groundbreaking technology successfully address this challenge by using algae, a plant rich in protein and Omega-3 rich, to convert clean energy into sustainable food and nutrition while establishing a carbon negative profile.

We successfully address the following UN sustainable challenges:

UN sustainable challenges .png
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