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Catalyzing Innovation

The future of feed: integrating technologies to decouple feed production...

The green sludge that could transform our diets

The decade that brought us Star Trek and Doctor Who also resurrected...

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Israeli Company Builds Algae Factory

Icelandic investors have invested ISK 370 million in Israeli start-up

Cutting Out the Middle Fish

Marine microalgae as the next sustainable omega-3 fatty acids and protein...

Innovation at ON Power’s geothermal park

Microalgae facility at the geothermal park of ON Power’s Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant.

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Algaennovation Microalgae Plant Opened

Algaennovation Iceland has opened a small algae factory in Hellisheidi.

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An Algae Factory Opens in Hellisheiði

Algaennovation opened its algae factory in the Geothermal Park of Orka

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Billions of Algae at the Hellisheiði Power Plant

It is estimated that in five years, the factory's annual revenue will be around 70 million dollars

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This Will be the Largest Algae Factory in the World

Iceland can become one of the most important food producers in the world

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Target of a Thousand Tons per Year

Recently, a new algae factory opened in Hellisheiði. The aim is for production to reach 1,000 tonnes per year within a few years.

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Going to be Ready for the Big Boys

Algaennovation's goal is to offer a new protein source that’s useful for human consumption.

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The Only Byproduct is Oxygen

Algaennovation believes the company has one possible key to solving the food problem.

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