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We are creating a new category of protein-rich and Omega-3 products for people, including nutrition supplements, natural colorants, and protein drop-ins for meat substitutes.

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Why microalgae for people?

Microalgae is rich in protein, and unlike other plant-based sources such as soy, it contains a complete essential amino acid profile and is rich with phyco-nutrients.

In addition, it contains superior (polar) Omega-3, Omega-7, and a range of vitamins for complete nutritional value.

Our microalgae is produced with minimal environmental footprint, and is carbon negative.

The Vaxa advantage

Our technology platform ensures the production of a consistently stable product, made year-round, that is suitable for nutrition and food products. Our products are vegetarian and vegan friendly and are produced without antibiotics or pesticides. 

Through our patented extraction process, we produce an aqueous extraction that is single step and hexane-free. With no thermal processing steps that may compromise quality, we are able to produce a safer, superior product, at scale, enabling mass adoption by the health and food industries. 



NextGen Omega-3 Supplements

The first hexane-free, bioavailable, algae-based Omega-3 product.

Small capsule, high absorption, no fishy burps, rich with phyco-nutrients.

Omega 3 & 7
Vitamins A, B12, D, E, K1

Lutein & Zeaxanthin

amino acids


Natural Colorants

Contains antioxidants, no exposure to environmental contaminants, pathogen-free. 

Highest culture concentration

Best biomass growth

Highest C-PC concentration
 in biomass


Protein Drop-ins

Super food co-product for use in snacks, shakes, and as a meat substitute.

Complete essential amino acid profile

Non-allergenic, non-GMO, no pesticides

Vegetarian and vegan friendly

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