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We are the first production platform that enables year-round production of high quality, pathogen-free, fresh algae with a consistent composition.

Through our unique management of culture and light, based on machine learning technology, our 24/7 bio-secured indoor production is fully controlled and optimized for growth.


Our Production Facility

Located in Iceland, our facility is integrated with one of the world’s largest geothermal plants, allowing us to transform the waste outputs of the plant into sustainable resources for our production process. 

We use the clean energy, hot and cold water, and natural carbon emissions of the geothermal plant to produce our microalgae, making us fully sustainable and carbon negative. 


Optimized for Growth

Optimized for Growth.png

Our indoor growth platform utilizes advanced machine learning technology for controlled, optimized, scalable fresh, live microalgae production year-round, without the use of pesticides or antibiotics



The microalgae is produced in a completely sealed, indoor, bio-secured facility, using pristine non-marine source water and guaranteeing a safe and clean process, with no cross contamination 

Minimal Water & Land Footprint.png

Minimal Water & Land Footprint

Our production process requires less than 1%  of the fresh water and land footprint, compared to industry standards 



We are committed to having a positive impact on our land, water, and climate. Integrated into one of the world’s largest geothermal plants, our facility leverages its waste heat, natural CO2 emissions, hot and cold water, and 100% renewable energy 

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